Investing in stone without input: the procedure

Investing in real estate can be a real asset, it must however settle the financing part and thus obtain a mortgage. Without input, the approach is completely different but is obviously possible.

Invest in real estate without having a personal contribution

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Whether for a rental purpose, as a second home or simply as part of a VEFA (sale in the future state of completion), real estate investment remains a safe haven for the French. This is an important investment but can enrich a wealth, especially when we see that most of the people favor rental investment. Buy in the old to renovate can be very interesting, just as invest in the new, the goal being necessarily to collect a rent thereafter.

Simply, investing in real estate requires having sufficient financial capacity, most buyers will have recourse to a mortgage, with or without contribution. The contribution is not necessarily necessary because most of the investment candidates still have a real estate loan in progress, the accumulation of two loans is quite possible from the moment the capacity of the borrower is verified.

How to invest without having a personal contribution?

How to invest without having a personal contribution?

The contribution remains a strong argument of the banks but it is not necessarily an obligation, a borrower can easily obtain a mortgage loan from the moment when his debt and his remainder to live are sufficient. You should know that you can borrow up to 33% of debt, that is to say that one can not devote more than a third of income to monthly repayments. The remainder to live corresponds to the share of the remaining income on the accounts after deduction of recurrent expenses.

The contribution is therefore not a necessity if the borrower has sufficient capacity, so a study is quickly conducted to verify the creditworthiness of the borrower. In addition, soliciting a long-term mortgage can also make it easier to obtain because the monthly payments will be lower, it is still advisable to plan the work in the home loan, this avoiding to resort to other loans afterwards and to be able to finance the whole, in particular for a rental purpose. If credits in progress may hinder the project, a credit consolidation may be useful.

Investing in stone without contribution and with credit consolidation

Investing in stone without contribution and with credit consolidation

Credit institutions that offer mortgage financing have set up credit consolidation operations to build on the first property to offer financing with the first real estate credit outstanding and including the amount of the loan to finance for investment. This arrangement, very particular, is only possible with banks specialized in mortgage.

It is then necessary to deposit a request for the repurchase of credit and to specify the amount of the investment, the interest being necessarily the absence of contribution but also the possibility of benefiting from a single and lower monthly payment. This type of financing is obviously intended for real estate investors who already have a home loan in the process of repayment, it may be both individuals and professional structures (SCI, SCPI …).